Expect the great, but be clear about it

Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed.

Ecclesiastes 4:9

Beloved of God,

There are many types of relationships that a person will have at any given moment. All relationships are work, and when you are willing to do the work that each one requires, life and purpose become more meaningful. For some of us, the struggle of relationships is a matter of our expectations. Often, our relational expectations are: misguided, unrealistic, or unspoken. When this is the case, we end up being frustrated with people who haven’t met our poorly matched expectations.

A key to healthy relationships is having clearly conceived and clearly explained expectations. Having clear expectations allows you to understand the role that people play in your life, and it will allow you to stop forcing people to fulfill an expectation that doesn’t match who they are in your life. This practice of clear expectations will also allow you to set up boundaries so that people who aren’t designed to meet a specific need stay within the parameters of their particular relationship with you. Ultimately, when people have an understanding of the expectations associated with relationship, they are empowered to help one another succeed.

Today, think about your relationships: What is expected of you?  What do you expect of others?
In Him,
Rev. Wright