Kingdom Builders Institute


The Kingdom Builders Institute educates, equips, and edifys the members of the church and the community through workshops, training seminars, and other educational resources.  Through this ministry, members are prepared and trained for future discipleship and leadership roles in the church, the local community, and the world.


Kingdom Builders Basics


The Calvary Baptist Church recognizes the need for sound Biblical teaching for its members. The “Kingdom Builders Basics” class and manual is a course of study that provides this teaching and reflects the beliefs of Calvary Baptist Church. This manual merges information from various commentaries, ministers, scholars and American Baptist Churches.

The objective of the “Kingdom Builders Basics” class is to provide a basic understanding of Biblical beliefs, doctrine, goals, purpose and mission of the Calvary Baptist Church. It is God’s desire that every individual that accepts Christ as his or her personal Savior would grow in Him. The Word of God is our Spiritual source of nourishment. As Christians grow in Christ their effectiveness also grows. This growth and effectiveness allows us to be ambassadors for Christ in the community and present the light of God in every aspect of our lives.

Psalm 119:105 declares “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path”. As you go through this manual I pray that you will find it helpful for daily living and that your faith would increase. I pray that we all might grow together in the love and knowledge of Christ.


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