Be Motivated!



All of us can think of things that we would love to change in our lives; aspects of relationships,

employment, exercising more, eating better, or a more consistent devotional life, to name a few, are

things that may come to mind as we reflect on what we would like to change. The challenge of

change is that it requires work. Nothing changes by itself, but either something new must be added or

something old must be subtracted.
When it comes to change, it is often in the area of our motivation that we are found lacking.
Think about it, how many things would we love to do if only we had the  the motivation to get them done.  
Many times there aren’t even valid explanations or excuses for our lack of motivation.


Without the proper motivations, we as believers will never progress into all that God has designed us to be.

Lacking motivation can lead us to being stuck in places of comfort that do not stretch the gifts that God has

placed in us. The enemy uses our lack of motivation to keep us stagnant and far away from the purpose

that is waiting to be cultivated and matured in us. Paul  reminds us that we can do all things through Christ who gives us
strength. Each of us should be asking ourselves, “when is the last time that I tried something for the first time?” Doing all
things means that we must first begin doing something.
Let us take today to examine what areas of our lives lack the motivation to get things done and ask God for the strength,
desire, and energy to move forward.
In Him,
Rev. Nathaniel Wright

Making Connections Count

“23 The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives.”

Psalm 37:23-27

This psalm is a wisdom psalm, and the central message is to encourage the people of God to maintain patience in times of trouble. Undoubtedly, we can all look at our lives and see how the Lord’s hand has guided us to where we are now. There may have been some challenges, obstacles or stops that we would have preferred to avoid, but God saw value in the journey that He set your life on.

A more subtle aspect of the text that I would encourage us to pay attention to is the people that we meet along the journey. I realize that the text doesn’t mention people, but has there ever been a stop along your life’s journey that didn’t have people attached? I submit that the people that God has assigned to our lives are as ordained as the steps that He assigned us to take. God connects us to people for a variety of reasons, and we must grow to a place where we see our human connections through a spiritual lens. This way we can identify those that we are called to pour into and not have the expectation that they pour into us. We can identify where we are supposed to get our encouragement from, and that will keep us from being disappointed when others, not charged to give us encouragement, do not provide it. Perhaps most importantly, we will be able to discern what Kingdom purpose God wants us to fulfill in the lives of the people that He has ordained to us.

Our challenge is to make our connections count and to seek the reason that God has ordained those connections as a part of the details of our lives.

In Him,
Pastor Wright