Doing Better with Time

“Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”

Psalm 90:12


Beloved of God,

The most valuable thing that each of has been given is time. It is the most valuable thing that we have because we cannot make it ourselves, we cannot buy it, and we cannot replace it once it is gone. Since time is our most valuable possession, it stands to reason that it is also one of the most precious things that we can give back to God. Indeed, God wants us to do better with the time that we give to Him.

In our culture and society, one of the major ways that the enemy attacks us is with busyness. The sad reality is that we have decided that busy means important. That is why we check our phones as soon as our eyes open (in case we missed something while we slept). It is also why we cannot sit through a whole worship service without our minds wandering to what we have to do. The enemy has tricked many of us into thinking that if every minute of every day is not accounted for, it is an affront to our purpose. Not true! In fact, God institutes a sabbath so that we can rest and give Him our best.

Today, think about your schedule and how you spend your time. Ask yourself: “am I giving God my best or simply what I have left?” Consider how you spend your time and pray about the time that you give God.

In Him,
Pastor Wright